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Aude Pariset




Flower Maiden (Ecoveg)
Stallion Dad
Green Nuclear Family nº 1
Green Nuclear Family nº 2
Leçon de Vie (Bio Qualität)
Mother Cougar
Ménage Garbage Patch 1
Ménage Garbage Patch 2
Promession® #1
Promession® #2
Petite SUV I
Petite SUV II


Aude Pariset’s installation reflects on the topics of consumption, recycling, and the ephemerality of all matter. The wall pieces are made of biodegradable plastic homemade by the artist. The visual imagery of these works comes from advertisements for high-end jewellery and watches. They comment on luxury products and a lifestyle that is passed down generations.

There are two display cases on the gallery floor. For the first six months of the exhibition, they were inhabited by a colony of mealworms that consumed Styrofoam, transforming it into a biodegradable material. The museum personnel looked after the worms on a daily basis. The mealworms have now been removed and the Styrofoam has been replaced.

According to recent research, the larvae of the darkling beetle are able to feed on Styrofoam and transform it into biodegradable waste. This discovery may open up wholly new avenues in the treatment of plastic waste.

Aude Pariset is interested in how artworks have their own life cycle: they, too, can disintegrate and disappear. She is also intrigued by the paradoxes that exist between consumption and preservation.

Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen

Aude Pariset

Born in France in 1983
Based in Berlin

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3rd floor