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Juha van Ingen

ASLAP (AS Long As Possible)


1000 year long animated GIF loop, computer, photographs, prints

ASLAP is a 1000-year-long GIF-animation consisting of 48 140 288 frames displaying nothing but ascending numbers starting from 1. Each frame is displayed for roughly 10 minutes. When 1000 years are up, the loop returns to the start and begins again. ASLAP embraces the utopian idea of an eternal artwork.

The computer running the animation is on display in a glass cabinet. The other cabinet contains a stack of printouts of the animation code for the duration of the exhibition. On the wall there is a photograph of the animation’s first and last frames and the date that GIF animation (Graphic Interchange Format) was invented.

ASLAP has been purchased for Kiasma’s collections. The museum has committed itself to keeping the work running for as long as possible.

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Photo: Screenshot

Juha van Ingen

Born in Finland in 1963
Based in Helsinki

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2nd floor